Bradford Stop the War Coalition For Peace And Justice

Time to Get Active: Campaign Pack

National STWC campaign pack

The Stop the War Campaign Pack is a resource for groups and individuals active in the anti-war movement, or anyone wanting to get involved where they live, work or study. The pack can be obtained from the national Stop the War website.

The pack cost £5 including postage & packaging (to mainland UK) and includes:

The Coalition

Stop The War
Bradford Stop the War Coalition (affiliated to the National Stop the War Coalition) is a loose grouping of individuals and organisations united in their horror of continuing wars and the prospect of future ones.

What You Can Do

For some suggestions on what you do to help end the horror of these murderous wars take a look at our Why? & What? page or download our leaflet.


Upcoming activities.

Past activities

Reports and photos of some of the protests we have been involved in.


Other anti-war groups and sources of information.

Old stuff

Older documents that may still be of interest or be useful.

Not In My Name


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